Why we care


The statistics are shocking when we think about how harmful fast fashion is to the environment. It is quickly destroying our planet earth so we must act now.
From the very first day, we didn’t want to be just another company doing nothing about it. We wanted to educate people about the problems and change their habits of choosing, shopping and wearing.
When developing our brand we took a holistic approach trying to find and offer more sustainable solutions for people and planet. For our products we chose only natural, organic or GOTS certified fabrics – the most friendly options for the environment.

It is known that fashion industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions. That is why we chose our cotton fabrics being produced in Turkey – the nearest cotton producing country. Nevertheless, we made a rule to buy fabrics either directly from our partners or have transportation of maximum 2 countries involved. Also, organic cotton produces around 46% less CO2 compared to conventional cotton.


Fashion is also the 2nd largest user of water – it produces 20% of global water waste which sounds awfully as we are facing the problem of fresh water scarcity.
We guess that you already heard the fact that in order to produce a pair of a regular jeans, it takes around 10 000 liters of water which means that a person could drink this amount of water for almost 14 years. Now ask yourself, is it really worth to look for another pair of jeans?

It is important to know that all of the organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. It also uses far less water to grow since organic cotton growers typically utilize rain far more than irrigation. Of course, harvest of organic cotton is far less than conventional one's and it is the reason why sustainable fabrics and final products are usually  more expensive in the market.


Conventional cotton is grown with pesticides and other chemicals in order to accelerate cotton growth process. In such way soil fertility is being devastated, while such fabrics ending up in landfills release dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere. 

We are proud that our GOTS certified cotton is being cultivated without harmful chemicals and the fabric is dyed as environmentally friendly as possible (it is known that the brightest colors require the biggest quantity of dyes which are contaminating local water pools in world third countries). In Turkey, GMO was also never an issue and the cotton produced is of excellent quality.

35% of all micro-plastics in the oceans comes from synthetic fabrics like polyester. How? When synthetic fabrics are being washed they release hundreds of thousands of micro-plastics into the water which are being carried through the water systems into the rivers and oceans. And sadly, it is being eaten by animals and fish. And afterwards – by us, humans.


Sadly, fashion industry is responsible for an enormous clothing waste. And majority of that waste is generated from fast fashion giants who are making poor quality clothes.

With our mindset to solve this issue, we seek the highest quality in everything we do. We choose only the finest quality fabrics which are standing the test of time and all our clothes are handmade by our highly qualified seamstress Liucija.

Her precision enables the meticulous details and exceptional constructions. For example, inside our shirts you will find delicate “French” seams which provide a clean, finished and professional look to the inside of the garment.

We want you to grasp, see, touch and feel the quality of our garments. We want to challenge you to seek more quality in your closet and in your life. Please, be friendly to people and planet. Always make decisions with a conscious attitude.


The problems of the third world are at our doorstep - thanks to global trade. There’s no ignoring the fact that in the past 26 years, more than 270 000 cotton pickers chose to take away their lives due to the unbearable working conditions. No one talks about it but we must.

To reverse the trend, we chose to work with GOTS certified cotton factory in Turkey. It ensures that working conditions of the cotton pickers and fabric makers are ethical, safe and they are getting paid fairly unlike in other cotton production factories.

We also care about our customers, too. Organic cotton is perfect for people with sensitive skin and allergies for chemicals since conventional cotton may retain harmful toxic residues.

Our pride lies in the fact that all our garments are being produced in Lithuania, Europe. Here we can monitor all the working processes and develop beautiful relationships with our employees.
Big thanks, to our talented garment engineer Laura and our accurate seamstress Liucija who made the first batch of our clothing.

At Another Lover we strongly believe that education is the key to sustainable changes. We hear that you ask for more sustainable options, that you are ready to change, however, sometimes you get lost in this never-ending news cycle.

We get it, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of this information. That is the reason why we chose not only to offer you conscious clothing options but to also educate you. We would love to become your reliable source of knowledge and tell you more you about the problems of fast fashion and slow fashion alternatives.

Please, feel welcome to visit our website and social media platforms or contact us anytime you want. And if you find the information useful, share it and let it spread. Be the positive change you want to see.