Sustainable wearing

Lovers care about the planet earth and each other so here is just a quick reminder how to take care of your existing clothes:


  • Ask yourself if you REALLY need this new item. Maybe you have something similar in your wardrobe? Or maybe your best friend will be happy to lend it for you?
  • Say no to poor quality clothes, skimpy stitching and synthetic fabrics. In other words, dare to say BYE to fast fashion more often.
  • Try vintage shopping. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a true diamond of your closet which will make you feel the one & only.


  • Wash less, it’s just that simple. Maybe the stain spot is really small and you can wash it with your hands?
  • Hang and ventilate clothes after wearing them. Your clothes will smell fresh and be ready to be worn again.
  • Avoid tumble drying. Yes, it’s not a secret that tumble dryers use significant amount of energy. Please, hang your clothes dry as often as you can.
  • Avoid dry cleaning when possible. Cleaners often use harsh chemicals which are dangerous not only for the environment but also for cleaners themselves. Fortunately, some cleaners are starting to use ecological methods, please choose them.


  • Repair your clothes and give them chance for a second life. Fix a tear or replace a button, it’s not that hard, right?
  • Sewing and stitching makes you happy. Yes, you heard us right. It is scientifically proven that these activities release serotonin and dopamine in your brains. Try it!


  • Give clothes to your friends and see how your beloved pieces are living happily ever after.
  • Donate to those in need. There are so many charities, so, chose one and be proud of your decision.


  • Do not put your clothes in the garbage! Almost 100% of it can’t be recycled.
  • Search for clothing recycle bins in your area. You can drop clothes in any condition and it’s a free way to say goodbye to your old clothes.