What size should I choose?

It depends on what look you wish to create. If you want to create an oversized look, you might want to use a shirt one size larger. However, all the shirts are a slightly oversized, so if you want to create a neat look – choose your current size.

How to take care of Another Lover GOTS certified cotton shirts?

You can wash them at 40°C in a washing machine using hand wash regime. Do not use detergent with a bleach in it since our cotton shirts are off white color. You can also choose dry cleaning, but again, please warn dry cleaners to use detergents without bleach.

Is something going to happen to golden buttons if I wash my shirt in a washing machine?

No, nothing is going to happen for the golden button details. However, we advise you to wash your shirt inside out.

Are GOTS certified cotton shirts prone to wrinkles?

Yes, they are. However, according to our customers, the fabric is quick and easy to iron.

What is the return/refund period?

You can return/refund your purchase in 14 days after receiving a shirt.