Our brand

Another Lover is a conscious womenswear brand created for a modern luxury lover. The one who makes conscious decisions, invests in finest quality and seeks a design that stands the test of time. Made unforgettable by that little twist in exceptional clothing constructions and meticulous details. It brings soul to every piece of clothing.


When you find the one you love, you don’t want this bonding affair to end. You want to carry this extraordinary feeling with you, wherever you go. And you might fall for people, big cities, art, crazy ideas or even your favorite shirt. The one you feel encouraged with to seek your biggest dreams. The one you want to feel and touch every single day. That’s when your shirt becomes like your second skin. It becomes your Another Lover. 


At Another Lover we create handmade clothes with an approach that doesn’t hurt people & our planet. Meaning that we create long lasting items in a more environmentally friendly way. Our high quality long-sought fabrics are certified as organic, environmentally and socially safe to wear. Our highly qualified seamstresses make sure that the final piece of art is durable and can be worn for years when taken good care of. And while we are responsibly making conscious luxury for you, we believe that less is always more. That’s why some of our clothing can be easily transformed to be elegantly worn in two ways. All of it makes our clothing last longer and gives you an option to play with different and unexpected looks.


Our purpose is not only to present our customers more environmentally friendly luxurious clothing but also educate them about the pitfalls of fast fashion and existing sustainable alternatives. We seek to encourage our lovers to make conscious decisions and always ask “What’s behind this brand?”. Fashion is a beautiful game, we just need to play it nicely, with a conscious attitude.