5 questions: style & sustainable closet

5 questions: style & sustainable closet

They amaze us, they inspire us, they decide what's in Vogue. Now we get to ask them some questions:

  1. What are the three must have items in every woman’s closet?
  2. Give one advice towards a more sustainable closet.
  3. What is your favorite look that works every time?
  4. How would you suggest to style Another Lover shirt?
  5. What stands out about Another Lover to you?

Greta | @gretazvinklyte

1. Outwear: whether it’s a trench coat, an overcoat, a denim jacket, or leather jacket, make sure you have one quality piece of outwear in your wardrobe. A shirt which you might now wear everyday but eventually you’ll need it and it’s good to have at least one. Also, it’s a versatile item you can play around with - make it look casual or fun. A perfect fitting suit: it doesn’t have to be super expensive but make sure you get it tailored so it fits you to perfection. And then play around by breaking the suit up into a blazer and trousers. This way you’ll be able to make so many different outfits.

2. There are small changes which are the step in the right direction and I will introduce some of them to you:

  • Washing your clothes way less and avoiding the dryer. This way you’ll be able to save the energy and actually contribute to saving environment.
  • Organising your wardrobe and looking after what you actually have. If you can clearly see what's in your wardrobe, you're much more likely to be inventive when styling everyday outfits, meaning you're less likely to buy new pieces.
  • Always reading the labels and trying to avoid fabrics that use microfibres—these fabrics often end up polluting the oceans and are difficult to clean up. Alternatively, choose an organic or GOTS certified cotton.
  • One of the designers once said ‘Buy less, choose well, make it last‘, and I believe in this. Choose pieces that you absolutely love and ones you know you'll keep forever. It's also important to remember that small rips, holes and missing buttons can easily be fixed. Same with shoes. Also, never throw your clothes away because it will end up in a landfill. If you don't wear something anymore, it can always make somebody else happy. If it can't be worn anymore, it can be recycled.
  • And of course buying secondhand or vintage is another way to shop more mindfully.

3. Quality blazer (that’s one item I have in all colours and fits) and trousers (sometimes denim, sometimes stylish black trousers, sometimes suit trousers). For me it works wonders and it became my signature look for almost all occasions.

4. Wear it with denim (any colour and even this season so trendy printed ones), trousers (both plain and with prints, for example animal print or even tailored wide leg trousers). I love the versatility of your shirts.

5. Sustainability, versatility & stylish even a little edgy design.


Viktorija | @ramanauskaite_viktorija

1. I always stand for classics and long lasting pieces, so it would definitely be a good pair of jeans, white shirt and a masculine coat.

2. Don’t believe in trends, invest in long lasting classics that always look fashionable and stylish. Use small details/accessories to achieve new look every time.

3. High neck cashmere sweater, blue jeans, masculine jacket and a pair of sneakers. I would also mention the fact that I always wear multiple rings and sunglasses. I don’t neither feel myself nor comfortable without them.

4. There are numerous ways to style it. Nevertheless to reveal myself I would go for jeans, masculine coat/blazer, sneakers, vintage bag. In order to put some sparkle in to the look I would wear some accessories, scarf, baseball hat etc.

5. First of all, quality that ensures longevity of the clothing. Classy style that always wins against everyday changing trends. The team and their approach towards sustainability.


Emilija | @emilievis

1. High-quality flattering underwear, modern cut white shirt in a solid/stiff material and trousers that are tailored to your height and body shape.

2. Proper garment care. Even the most expensive garment is not guaranteed to last if it is not properly cared for.

3. A suit (jacket & trousers), high quality white T-shirt and accessories to accentuate the look.

4. Depending on where you are travelling that day. For a more formal look try high-waisted trousers and loafer shoes. For a casual look – blue jeans and trainers. For a holiday look style your Another Lover shirt with a slip dress! Combinations are endless.

5. The finest detail in the shirt's finishing touches.


Sigita | @sigitamusauskaite


1. The first thing is the handbag. It can either enhance your look or ruin it. Another important wardrobe companion is a two-piece suit of trousers and jacket. I think it goes without saying how many different combinations can be created with just one suit in a neutral color. And of course, the absolute classic of the wardrobe is the white shirt. It is an essential part of the wardrobe capsule, allowing you to create many different looks!

2. I always follow the adage that ‘less is more’, so I prefer quality items in my wardrobe. I teach my customers the same, so I always encourage them to invest in classic clothes that can be worn for many seasons, that are easy to mix & match and, of course, that are made of lasting materials.

3. As for my signature look, I would definitely go for a blazer with a masculine silhouette, loose leather trousers, a sweater or a T-shirt, cowboy boots (loafers in spring), a small, quality handbag and at least one unique accent such as a scarf or a belt. All of these create a classic look, but the rougher details add character. It's what makes me feel my best, and strikes a balance between style and comfort.

4. So many possibilities to create amazing combinations with Another Lover shirts. Different vests, cardigans tied on the shoulders, bright or neutral colored trousers, distinctive patterns and layers. However, as a lover of minimalism, I prefer to stick to clean and subtle looks.

  • I would pair Love Affair shirt with a blazer and wide blue jeans, with an emphasis on the buckle-like details – such a Parisian style.
  • His Favorite shirt – I'd go for a more neutral bottom, so that all the attention falls on the shoulder line. And of course, the neck would be adorned with a stylish necklace.
  • Another Lover shirt looks great unbuttoned, wearing it like a jacket. So, I would definitely pair it with classic trousers, a quality belt and a white t-shirt or crop top underneath.

5. As soon as you look at Another Lover, you can feel that it is a product that has been MADE: the fabric, the classic silhouette and the details. I love that a seemingly simple wardrobe staple, such as a shirt, can suddenly become a luxurious accent to a look. Also, what I really admire is that each garment is designed with the possibility of transforming it in two ways. So, less clothes, more combinations!


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